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Sir Adriam by Parbuckles Sir Adriam by Parbuckles
This is Captain Sir Adriam Hornblower. An OC of mine.^^
I may add further informations of him later.

Name: Adriam Jonathan
Surname: Hornblower
Date of birth: 28.12.1756
Age: 51
Rank: Captain (Over Three Years Seniority)
Ship: S.M.N. Santa Ana (75 guns)
Height: 6'5'' (1,95cm)
Weight: ca. 220.5 pounds
Hair color: former Auburn, now Heather grey
Eye color: blue green

Abilitys: Is able to play the Piano and the Violin
speaks several languages (Italian, Spanish, French, English, German and Swedish) He also speaks latin and greek, because of his ediucation. He's of course an able seamen. He's an as at playing cards.

Character: Adriam is a really nice and friendly man. He is very eloquent and easily divided into one group. He loves to lead discussions with various people. He also has the ability to convince people easily. Although not noble lineage, he is very socially acceptable. He is extremely intelligent and works best under pressure. He loves music and is able to play the piano and the violin. He is also very good at languages​​ and interested in foreign cultures. Unfortunately he has succumbed to women and is considered a rake. He also loves animals and owns a giant Newfoundland dog. He traded it as a pup from an american captain. He's also an ecxellent rider and loves foxhunts. But he also has some negative aspects of his person. If he drinks, then he drinks too much and get really rough and bolt. He also has an absolute problem with gambling (every kind of card plays.)

Father: Dr. Jonathan Hornblower
Mother: Katherine Hornblower (neé Lakeny) *d. 12.2.1782
Siblings: Horatio (31)
Sister in law: Maria Mason
Nephew: Horatio jr. (1)
marital status: unmarried

After he attended the grammar school in Kent. He joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman at the age of 20. Till he reached his lieutenant exam he served onboard of the H.M.S Hannibal. At the age of 35 he got the opportunity to join the Impérial Pulgian Navy** Adriam stayed In Apulia, because of a nice young girl he fell in love with. But soon he found out, that the girl only cheated on him, and he was left behind with a broken heart and unable to return back to england. Soon he was promoted to commander and was able to command a bigger sloop of war. From this time on the contacts to his family back in Kent was lost. He learned nothing of the birth of his brother and his mother's death. After a succesful mission at the Harbour of Brest he was promoted to Captain and was sent on a bigger ship for the west Indies. He had to stay in Jamaica for nearly 17 years before he was allowed to return to Apulia. In the Caribbean, he was distinguished by a number of successful operations. For this he was knighted. He became the first Briton, who was knighted by the Emperor. After that he got command of S.M.N Santa Ana and was sent to the blocade of Brest again, to support the british ships. There he met Captain Sir Edward Pellew and had is first contact with his younger brother........

**(it's fictional, I know, but here the Italian county Apulia is a own Isle in the Mediteran sea ruled by a Emperor. And were England's allies in the struggle against Napoleon. They lost a great part of their navy and got help from their allies by sending yound willing officers to Apulia. *I swear, It's the only fictional part here.*)

The lines of that pic did not belong to me.
He was made with the Regency Hero Dress up Game by *savivi [link]§ion=&global=1&q=historical+hero#/d1oj4iz so the the lines are by her. I only added some details. I've drawn the lines down on paper and inked, then colored it with copic markers.

The background stock was made by ~MJK-Stock [link]
gollumsalterego Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
I love it : )
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